Shipping and FAQs

As a small artist business, we strive our best to give our customers the best shopping experience with our artwork purchases. Here are some things you should know if you plan to purchase one of our pieces:

Shipping time: All items ship in 1-3 business days. Should there be any delay, we will notify you. You will receive an email with your shipping tracking information assuming you provide email information in your order.

*Items in our shop are all currently available with the exception of those that are listed as "PREORDER" which will list the allowed time frame for turnaround before being ready to ship (typically 30 days)

Refund Policy: We will offer a refund if the product was damaged upon receiving it after shipping. Please go to the "contact us" page and email us with a photo of the damaged product within 2 business days of receiving it. If the damage is fixable, we may ask you return it to us first (we will pay for shipping) before we refund you. Please keep in mind that banks can take 2-5 business days to refund once we receive the item/s returned.


  • My item was lost, can I get a refund? We know the post office can sometimes do strange things, but we do not offer refunds unless the item has been returned to us by the post office. We only refund when the item has been received again. Our shipping prices remain low because there is not insurance on the package unless you paid for a higher shipping rate. Only insured packages we can verify were lost BY THE POSTAL SERVICE will be refunded after we make an insurance claim.
  • Do you do customs? On a rare occasion we may offer to do custom work, however that is very rare. We enjoy making products we like and are familiar with. We will offer preorders sometimes of popular demand items we have made in the past more often. If a custom slot becomes available, we announce that on our instagram but we have no current time available to add in custom work (as much as we hate that)
  • How do I know when new stuff will come out? The best way to know is to follow our instagram link at the bottom of our home page and turn on the notifications! We always give release days or times and even sneak peeks at what's coming! Sometimes we also do auctions only on Instagram, so give us a follow! We'd love if you joined our little art fan club!
  • Are your headpieces heavy? No, actually! We create our pieces to be as lightweight as possible by using an EVA foam base, foam clay for sculpting, and any horns are typically hollow EVA foam. Plus they all have adjustable elastic in the back that makes them super secure when worn. 
  • Will you do trades? We don't do those, unfortunately. 
  • Can I make payments? Yes you can! We offer a 4 part payment plan that you can use with ShopPay upon checkout to make it easier for your wallets.